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Student APP

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This case is I did it when my friends and I found that the student system which student search course information is so complex. So I started thinking about how we can improve it and make it become a helper rather than a simple platform.



Student A, 23 years old, MA Design

She always feels anxious and has bad sleep quality. Because she needs to prepare for job applications at the same time, she always balances the study and job seeking. But there is so many information she needs to concern. Though she needs to find jobs, she still tries her best to read the books that her tutor recommenced. She checked her emails and student platform almost every day.

Student B, 28 years old, MA Design

She feels anxious and wants to improve her English ability. For her, using the student system seems more complicated and needs more time to digest the information. She tries to keep up with the new information, though she still lost some new messages. This is the biggest physical issue for her.

User Experience

The interface is complicated and full of words.

Students need to be taught before using the platform.

Email is another platform, so students need to switch two or three platforms to get the full information.



Prioritize each function can make the APP more intuitive to be used. Thinking about the behaviours of students who use the platform, the primary reason is to get the information of courses. If the information is not full, they need to check their emails as well. Then, sometimes they need to fill online forms or download files.

So there is a mail icon which will change to a search icon when users are using email system, a book icon, a menu icon, a logo.

In addition, the bibliography is highlighted in the APP for students to review and manage their book list.


Colours - Active, Energetic

According to the psychology of colour, colour saturation has impacts on user experience. Bright colours catch users' eyes and keep them stay on the page longer. Also, saturated colours are more energetic than black and grey. So the squares with class names are bright colours to deliver an active message to students.

By considering the different users' expectations for various pages, each page and process need to have different concerns.

Size - Dynamic Timetable

Using different sizes to create a dynamic timetable for students. Because people tend to see the bigger target than the smaller one, on the main page, there are some squares with different sizes. The sizes will change the time and date. For example, on Monday, the first class is Design Studio and the second class is MA Design Expanded Practice so the Design Workshop square is biggest and the latter is smaller than the former. After the first class finished, the latter will be bigger than the finished class. So students who open the APP can quickly identify which is the next class.