Design Work

Sport Official Website Redesign

  • RWD
  • Prototype
  • UX Design
  • UI Design


Redesign an original website to improve the web traffic as well as make it responsive.


Assess Website and Empathise with Users

Assess inappropriate functions and layouts in the original website:

  • Untidy text alignment and inconsistent font size
  • Too many colours for attracting user's attention
  • Too many gif types of images for attracting user's attention
  • Disorganised sections of banners


Banners are regarded as important parts to profit so that we need to balance and rethink about the priorities of contents and banners. Who does the site serve? How to clarify the relationship between users, cooperation companies and the company itself.

Empathise with the viewers of a sports news and compare with data such as pageview:

  • Live score is what sport-lovers care about the most during competitions.
  • News video has become more important.
  • Text should be organised and easy to be read.

Solution and Design

  • Show the fixed scoreboard at the top of the website during a competition.
  • Keep text alignment easy to read and unify the font sizes of each priority.
  • Make the sizes of contents and banners more consistent so that users can browse the website with disrupting.
  • Layout the section with considering the priorities that viewers care about.
  • Design a mobile website with a distinct layout which is enabled to browse easily when using mobile devices.