Design Work

Neutrogena New Product Launch

  • Visual Design
  • Advertising
  • Prototype
  • RWD


Promote the new product and rescue the reduced sales volume resulted from the introduction of Japanese and Korean products


Observation on Lifestyle

We outlined the possible lifestyle of our target audience. Taking busy college students or newly graduates who just entered work force for example, these people are common in that they rarely have spare time for themselves. We therefore created the modern version of Cinderella.

Portrait Photography

As the main designer of this project, I created six contexts with enjoyment as the theme. At the photo shoot, I worked with the professional photography team and successfully completed this portrait photo shoot. It was truly a valuable learning experience to be able to work with different professions.

A Face-Wash Competition Video

In order for consumers to strongly experience the product advantages, we recorded a video for a face-wash competition. By displaying one bottle of easy-to-use cleanser and makeup remover next to a clutter of bottles and containers, we designed a sharp contrast between the images and the paces in facial cleansing.

Rubbing Foam on the Mobile Phone

We designed a small interactive activity for the distribution of online coupon, integrating the actions of facial cleansing with mobile phones. This game involved having users to try to calculate the amount of time required for the cleansing oil to turn into foam and obtain corresponding rewards by quickly drawing circles with their fingers on the screen.

PC layout of product page