Design in my Life

Mom, I want to get married


In the traditional culture of Taiwan, there are different expectations of different gender. For example, after getting married, women are expected to get pregnant soon and then have to spend more time at home. Men need to play the central role of working. Although, throughout the years, more elders change their perspectives about gender roles in marriage. But some expectations still exist and generate limitations that women or men cannot feel free to live the life they want.

Define a Challenge

Target audience: My parents

Challenge: Tell my parents who tend to worry about many things I want to get married

What I want to help them and myself: Do not worry about the decision and have faith in me

Empathise - Understand their worries

In this case, they are my parents whom I spend lots of time with. With understanding about their personalities, instead of straight informing them, I started from feeling them out about other's marriage so that I can collect their positive and negative opinions.

Visualise their Emotions

After gaining the opinions from them, it is clear that they thought it is hard for women who get married to achieve their personal goals. It is clear that their worries are not about marriage itself but about women who lose the opportunities. What if the worries are organised, visualised and answered.

Tool - A proposal

I wrote a proposal to them. Answers for the worries were the beginnings to represent I understood their concerns. Then, my opinion and my plan were in the following sections. At the last part, I told them there would be a lovely wedding party worthy expected!

What They Said

They said yes with more faith in me!