Design Work

Portfolio for MA

  • Visual Design
  • Hand Coding
  • RWD

The responsive website is my portfolio for applying for Master's Degree to expand my design profession and perspective. I have worked as a website designer and a creative developer in an advertising agency. During six years participating in many projects and solving life problems, I started thinking if I live and work in the way I want. So I decided to learn something new and help myself to reach my goal being a designer who has the positive impact on the society.

Clarify my professional ability and the knowledge I want to learn.

Design Process

Sort Materials

First, I prepared all the materials I need, for example, the works I did, the proposals I wrote, the notes and the photos. Then, I decided what projects I should select in order to show the connection between my experience and the programme.

Unite, Simplify and Visualise

By considering the whole information on the website which might have a lot of words, I designed a simple website manual section about the categories repeatedly used in each section in the following content, so the same text is united and communicated to the viewers at the beginning. Due to visualising the categories, the volume of words to be read is enabled to be reduced so that viewers can focus on the important content.

a website manual section about icons I used in the following content
A simple website manual section

With simplifying the repeated words of categories, the words shown on the website are the only information the viewers need to read.

Create and Connect with the Emotional Aspect

Due to the motivation of application driven by my reflection and belief, I prefer to show my own perspective of design as much as my profession. To connect with the idea of being positive and back to life, I choose royal blue and white as the main colours to represent a return of life. For me, royal blue is the combination of being steady and peaceful. White is pure and original.

Works I did in advertising agency
Works I did in advertising agency

Skills Used

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • jQuery Plugins