Design Work


  • Visual Design
  • Hand Coding
  • RWD

The aim of the website is to show my works clearly and my personality reflecting on design.

The key strength of my design profession and features:

  • As a passionate senior website designer.
  • As a creative developer and designer in an advertising agency engaging in commercial design.
  • The reciprocal effect between my role as a designer and as a citizen of the world.

Way of Presenting

To show my profession and personality, I used hand coding and website design to transfer the main information. The smaller dots in the background are inspirations flowing from around the world, and the bigger dots in the middle frame of the screen is the inspirations I connect with coding to make distinct designs.

Color Chosen

A white background to represent everywhere is a place we can design and find ideas. The vivid colours of the dots represent my motivations to deliver the positive and optimistic experiences through design.

Also, the frame with the bigger animated dots in the middle of the screen is flexible and represents the exact proportion of viewer's screen, which presents my professional skills of designing responsive websites.

Skills Used

  • HTML
  • CSS3
  • SASS