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Lay's Regular Promotion Proposal

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Clients: Lay's

The proposal is about how to remind target audience to consume the crisps sold in the convenient stores on a specific day every month. One package has three types of crisps, and each type has different taste, colour and frangibility. How do we define the target audience of this crisps and how to promote it?


Define who we want to design for

From the observation who often show up in the convenient stores regularly, what they buy, what they do after consume and how long did they stay in the convenient stores. Then, we found that big numbers of employees tend to have a break in the convenient stores. Most of them buy coffee and snacks then go back to their office.

Go outside and Think as an Employee

By empathising with the consumer and finding their motivations of having a break, we asked many questions such as why they go to convenient store even if they are not truly hungry, what they try to get from the action and what makes them feel relaxed.

Go Back to Office and Sum up

We found that there are emotional needs expected and rational reasons measured at the same time. The central emotional part is to feel relieved from the stress of work, and the rational reasons are convenient stores are always the nearest one to the office that they often came here as well as the product here is cheaper so it won't be a burden to consume.


We wanted to create an interesting game to provide the employees with a temporary escape from works. To consider about the connection and the behaviours of the employees and the budget, we decided to take advantage of mobile phone and QRcode on the package as the first touchpoints between a consumer and a product so that they can immediately get involved.

Develop the Idea, Take a Bite and Get a Luck

Looking back at the product and its market advantage, we decided to highlight the feature of having different frangibilities in one package. The interaction is to pick a crisp, detect the biting volume and see how crispy it is. Then, the louder volume will get a better gift in the end.