Design Work

Friday Branding Campaign

  • Visual Design
  • Advertising
  • Prototype


The project is an online promotion of a new company, Friday, which is a company providing services such as film online, online grocery shopping, digital payment, app and game recommendation.


Empathise with users

According to the brief, the core concept is to give more inspiration and ideas for people in daily life. To make this project more human-centred, in the individual insight gaining stage, I drew the mind map and investigated with the target audience to understand what they think about their daily life by asking questions. Is that interesting enough? Are there any challenges for them to have an exciting life? How do they feel about the day on Friday? Is there any different expectation? What if there is an online store selling interesting?


There are some challenges for users to having an enjoyable weekday due to busy work or long working hours. In weekday, they seldom have time to do something special. So Friday is the most expected day of the five weekdays. No need to work after that day, people tend to plan something to do for relaxing and cheering for the upcoming weekend.

Making every ordinary busy day becomes a Friday. We take advantage of the internet which is fast, no time limit, and enable to be widely touched. We decided to integrate the service on Friday, the company, and opened an online shop selling various Fridays. We packed the services and products to visualise each Friday. On the website, people can find various themes of packages and order one in the morning. Then, the package will be delivered to the person who ordered it at night.