Design in my Life

Dream Planner

Desire Born

When I was a senior high school student, I watched many Western movies and immersed in the different culture and aesthetic scenes. The more movies I watched, the stronger impacts I felt. Due to the desire of experiencing the cultural impact in real life, the enjoyment became a motivation for studying abroad.

The Main Challenge - The Economic Problem

But considering the economic issue, it is tough for me to achieve the goal. By measuring the tuition fee which is about 700K and my graduate salary which was 26K per month, I need to work seven years without paying rents and additional activities, which is not a positive effect for a learner.


By defining the desire and challenge, I had created a flexible financial plan which allowed me to have learning expenses, rent as well as entertainment expenses to ensure my life has diverse learning. By using excel, I traced and reviewed the financial situation weekly or monthly. With this tool to help me, I need another tool to help me earn the tuition fee and polish my skills so that I can accumulate not only money but also professional skills. So I set up my online studio website to be a freelancer and an employed designer at the same time. Furthermore, due to the role as a freelancer, I used excel again to manage the projects and payment situation. With these tools, financial plan and my online studio, I gained more opportunities to learn from entertainment and professional project, which had a positive impact on not only my work but my personal life.



The plan took me six years to achieve my goal. In this six years, what I have earned is not only the money but also the optimistic and critical thinking which is a treasure for me to overcome more challenges in my future life. Also, I became an initiative learner who always learns as much as I can and actively find opportunities.