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100% Citizen APP

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As a citizen, I always think I am a 50% citizen, not a 100% citizen, as I cannot always keep up with the new policy or the existing welfare.

This is a digital service I, as a citizen, came up with by facing difficulty finding the most relevant and understandable information based on my civic identity.

Due to the explosion of news and information, it's hard to find the most relevant and important information for ourselves. Furthermore, something like law, tax and policy may be complicated to ordinary people. But as a citizen, it is essential to know the civil rights, relevant policies and so on so that we can know how to improve our ordinary life based on our citizen identities and our existing rights.

But how can we do that easily?

What if we can be actively informed the most relevant information we need to know by matching our identities and also understand that complicated information?

100% Citizen APP

It is an APP connecting with your civic identity. It shows you the visualised and simplified information based on your identity, such as the subsidy you can apply for, the tax you need to pay and the welfare you can enjoy etc. so that you can understand easily. Furthermore, more functions in the APP are designed to accompany users in their future lives which are filled with the unknown and confusion.

The guide of New identity

Once your civic identity is updated, the APP will guide you into the new stage of life by showing the most relevant information such as what new welfare you have, how the tax you need to pay is changed, what laws you need to mind and so on.

Once you move to a new city, for example, a freshman moved from Brighton to London feels confused and anxious, with so many new messages he gets. But what if he can be informed the most relevant information such as the subsidy he can apply for and the law he needs to concern, as well as the most basic and important information such as emergency numbers.

Making Your Voice Heard

Considering the social progress performs better with more and more people engaging in, more than providing information, the function in the APP is more like to offer an immediate opportunity to make your voice heard. Once you are facing problems during applying for welfare or paying a tax, you can assess the process you are proceeding or contact the right person responsible for the task without putting your call on hold multiple times. Also, the assessment will be accumulated so that the process or the service is enabled to be evaluated and then be improved.

Customized Interface

There are boxes with different themes such as welfare, marriage, parents, tax information and so on in the homepage. Users can decide what themes shown on the homepage.