Design in my Life


Background I

Three years ago, after my sister's baby was born, I felt deeply touched so that I started to think how to make the society better for the next generation. Also, observing how my nephew grows and acts gave me a keen interest in brain science and psychology. According to one of the brain science book I have read, the brains of children before three years old grow in double speed. After three years, the overall personality is almost entirely developed. But it does not mean that people won't change. It means that it is more important that adults keep in touch with new things which is to train their brains and allow them to think critically and creatively.

Background II

During the years working, I had a lot of friends who suffer from mental ills and the generation gap. After having conversations with them for several years, I found most of them who did not live the life they want is not because they are lazy or deserve, it is because there are many conflicts between the discipline, the environment and the information they get now. So it needs courage for them to do something different. For example, compared to the salary and housing price, it is extremely depressed for young people in Taiwan. So some famous fanpages and websites express negative feelings about working and social hierarchy. On the one hand, those contents present the handicap of the generation. On the contrary, the ideology that it is useless to work hard is spread. As a result, some people feel hopeless about their future.

Empathise with People

As a part of the society, it is understandable about how hopeless about the future. But I had noticed that sometimes when I was depressed, knowing something positive gives me hope. It is something significant for me to generate courage and overcome challenges.

Define the Challenge

After I applied for MA course in London, I cannot spend time with my friends and my parents like I usually did. So how can I keep in touch with them and share as much as information with them just like I did in Taiwan?


To spread positive perspectives, I run a facebook fanpage defined as a diary and an online design news. In the fanpage, I share all the challenges I face, the methods I try and new things such as design thinking and service design I learn. The core idea is to share the hardships and enjoyment at the same time and share the positive thinking about undergoing a hardship so that people who feel depressed won't feel alone.


By now, The fanpage has been run for two months. I have received some feedback from my friends:

  • A mother told me that after reading my articles, she started thinking about the home education for her son.
  • A close friend of mine said she is so excited about my MA programme.
  • A friend told me that she started to think about her next life stage.
  • A friend shared his further study plan with me.

I believe that if a person uses his/her positive influence on others, the society will be changed in a better way. And it is possible as long as we begin to use our good influences.