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Book a Meet APP

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How to reuse the pile of books at our home? Book a Meet App allows you to provide your books and borrow books from our people. Also, you can meet the person who has the same interest of the book in some specific places.

There are so many existing physical books, instead of buying a new one, is there any possibilities to get a book more interestingly? Also make the books show their values again, rather than being put on bookshelves?



Belle, 28 years old, Officer

Every morning, she wakes up at 6 am and is ready to work. What she expects every day is the time after work. After work, she goes to her favourite bookstore and buys several books. She buys many physical magazines and books because she enjoys in flipping the pages. But she realized that there are not enough places for her to store these readings. As an officer, she also feels her social circle becomes smaller, which she is worried about.

Nina, 60 years old, Mother

She is obsessed with reading. She likes to buy books, and after reading, she puts them on the bookshelf. There are four bookshelves in her house. In her daily life, she watches dramas and reads books at home and wait for her employed husband to come home.

Common Points

They prefer physical readings than ebooks.

They all have a lot of books at home.

They seldom make new friends.


How about making the people who have the similar preferences of reading meet each other?

The APP provides them to know who has the books they want to read.

Also, there are a lend list, a read list and a desire list for each user. They can manage each list and enjoy in contributing and receiving at the same time.